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Just because you don't know them as singers doesn't mean that they can't actually sing...  
Surprising standards by non-standard stylists
The story goes something like this. 

Robert Mitchum works in the Caribbean to make two of his pictures in the mid-fifties just as Harry Belefonte hits it big back in the mainland. What he brings back with him, apart from a love of ganja that will get him into trouble with customs officials as he tryies to return to the Continental  U.S., is a love of island music.  He's approached to do an album (as almost everybody was at the time) and he asks if he can sing calypso. According to his press agent, Bob was very flattered when it was the first CD that Scamp did in its series of Lounge re-issues back 'round 1997. 

Nobody can prove to me that any song that begins with the lyric:
"I wonder why people don't like me / Or is it the fact that I'm ugly?"
is entirely unworthy of my attention...  
Mama Look, A Boo-Boo - Robert Mitchum  
Mama Look,
A Boo-Boo  
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