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And Now, for your listening pleasure...  
One of my all-time favourites for your edification and enjoyment...  
My Current Pick:  Yabba-Dabba (Dabba Dabba) Doo   
by Hoagie Carmichael and the original cast of The Flintstones!

Songs you've probably heard a hundred times before,   
in arrangements that you've probably never EVER heard before. 

Be it ever so humble, your TV set has blared out its fair share of highly groovy greats, memorialised here and now for your listening pleasure...

To this day my parents claim no responsibility whatsoever for what many consider to be my rather odd preferences in music. I say they haven't got a leg to stand on because I would never have watched The Lawrence Welk Show if they hadn't sat me in front of it at an early, impressionable age.
This section goes out to all of the others out there (and I know there were a sizable number of you) who, like me, learned a suburban definition of  the word "Exotic" by watching Annaconnie singing in Spanish, played "safari" in the living room while Les Baxter music played in the background, who knew Thurl Ravenscrofft's voice like it belonged to a long-lost Uncle you'd never met, and who'd had the "Wanna Be Like You Scat" by Phil Harris and Louis Prima memorized for years before they had any idea who Louis Prima or Phil Harris might have been.

Robert Mitchum sang on an album, once.
Lee Marvin, The Three Stooges, Olliver Reed, The Cast of Hogan's Heroes, Marlon Brando, Molly Ringwald, Lorne Greene & Walter Brennan did too.   

So did Maya Angelou, Clint Eastwood, Billy Van, Jack Nicholson, Cybill Shepard, Sylvester Stalone, Tony Perkins, Burt Reynolds & Richard Chamberlain.

Gotcher Golden Throats and surprising gold right here, boyeeeeee!
That's pretty good company to be in, when you think about it ...

Tunage you need to set yer booty a-wagging...

Just shut up and dance...

(You know you want to, ya big babies...)
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