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Special thanks to the fine sponsors here at Tripod because they allow me to present for you:

Smiles Everybody!  Smiles!  Its
As Sullivan used to say: Right Here On This Stage...:
Who's Your Pappy? 
Who's your Paah- peey!!

The PapaJoe Mambo Story  One man's inevitable acceptance of 
Luxury as his own personal albatross


Just a little .wav and .mp3 download site I've knocked together...


And Coming Soon...

- A cozy overview of some Movies to Luxuria-te to

- A Photo-guide to Luxuria Divas inspired by a coffee-table book in Throw Mama from the Train

- A spotlight on Brushes with  Luxuria-nce by yours truly (Eartha Kitt... MISS Eartha Kitt)

and selected other bundles-es of wonderfulnessitude!

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In the meantime, please feel free to direct any of your Questions, Concerns, Demands or any disburbingly loudly ticking brown-paper packages to: