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TV Music better than you remembered it
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The Flintstones had more than their fair share of highly memorable songs.  From what I understand Joe Hanna and Bill Barbara were both songwriters as well as animators before they started up their studio.


Here's the theme song for the feature length Flintstones spy movie 

A Man Called Flintstone 

(yeah, ok.. the movie blew, but this thing rocks!) 

A Man Called Flintstone 
(1.7 MB file)
I paid tribute to Hoagie Carmichael's Yabba Dabba (Dabba Dabba) Doo as one of PapaJoe's Picks. Lemme know what you think...
(2.0 MB file)

Before Diana Rigg "Emma Peel-ed" her way into permanent pop-cultural infamy, The Avengers starred Patrick MacNee and Honor Blackman (who later would best be known as Pussy Galore in GOLDFINGER). The chemistry between the two was incredibly dynamic, ad realising that Honor was about to leave television and follow up on the the piles of movie offers coming in, their producer decided to milk that team's success to its final dregs, and release a  45 RPM single.    
Honor Blackman was greatly amused at the time the show was being produced that her idea of dressing her character in blatently BDSM-styled black leather to prevent her pants from splitting every time she did a karate throw was being mirrored on Carnaby Street in less than a year, even tho there was some tut-tutting from the studio at the time. She saw them as efficient and sexy working clothes for a woman who regularly was forced to resort to some ass-kicking to get things done, and this is noticibly one of the few things that the series introduced to western culture that has had any lasting effect. I'm sure that every time she sees something like The Matrix or any one of the dozens of TV ads that seem to be aping its style, she wishes she could get a piece of that action.

Here's an ode to the 60's fashion trend that Honor was singlehandedly responsible for and the unofficial theme to The Tea And Sea Zone on the original

Kinky Boots! -Honor Blackman & Patrick MacNee 

Kinky Boots! 
(757 KB file)

Steed and Gale were notoriously hands-off in their business, but the sexual tension was so thick you could cut it with a knife. The flip-side of Kinky Boots played up the maddening ambiguity to the pair's working relationship. MEOW!! 
Let's Keep It Friendly -Honor Blackman & Patrick MacNee
Lets Keep It Friendly 
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Papa's Picks will go into both of these in greater depth soon.
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